Ann Coulter Takes Over Twitter With Controversial Statement


With one epic tweet, Ann Coulter has found a way to make headlines on Election Day and inadvertently became the butt of the joke.

While watching the results of early voting in states like Nevada, Florida, and Arizona, Miss Coulter had a thought and shared it on social media. The conservative commentator, who is a Donald Trump backer and has even written about him, took to Twitter where she said that if only people with four American grandparents were allowed to vote, the Republican would win. She wrote:

The only problem with that idea is that if it is applied, Trump himself would not be allowed to vote. Both of Trump’s paternal grandparents were Germans, and his maternal grandparents were Scottish.

None of Trump’s children would have access to a voting booth. The mothers of Trump’s children – Ivana Trump and Melania Trump – are Eastern Europeans. If Coulter had her way President Obama would not be a voter because two of his grandparents were Americans and the other two were Kenyans. Twitter is having a field day with Coulter.